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HI-IQ update

Dec 21, 2022
In today’s healthcare environment of ever-increasing complexity, improving operational performance can be challenging. Add in the recent complications stemming from staffing shortages and COVID-19 protocols, and the kickstarting of process improvement initiatives can become daunting. Despite thes...

Visualizing data with HI-IQ

Dec 21, 2021
Sometimes data provides answers and sometimes it creates questions—but neither are possible if you’re collecting data that you’re not analyzing. Consider, for example, Fig. 1. This visualization, generated using HI-IQ®, illustrates the anonymized data used with permission from an actual HI-IQ fac...

HI-IQ IR Quarterly Article Oct 2020

Oct 1, 2020
Illustration 1:  Service volume (blue line) is trended by month for one year.  Complicated Services/Services with Adverse Events are stacked by outcome over the same time period. © ConexSys, Inc. Sometimes data provides answers, sometimes it creates questions, howe...

Training the first generation of IRs in Nigeria

Jun 21, 2020
RAD-AID International, a registered 501c3 nonprofit, is supporting the growth of interventional radiology in Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with over 200 million people, but there are only a handful of practicing IRs in the country. There are no training programs in exist...

HI-IQ article for Fall 2019 issue of IR Quarterly

Sep 21, 2019
As hospitals and health systems consolidate, management of clinical departments often shifts to align with the structure of the new organization.  In many cases, this means that an IR division which once operated independently with little or no oversight at the hospital corporate level now h...

IR Quarterly Fall 2018

Sep 1, 2018
Presented with an opportunity to improve patient outcomes, differentiate your practice, meet MACRA requirements and contribute to the future of interventional radiology, would you take it?  If you answered, “yes,” you’re in luck.  This opportunity is, in fact, available to all intervent...

HI-IQ® enables peer benchmarking through the IR Registry

Feb 1, 2018
LINCOLN, RI (February 1, 2018) HI-IQ®, the leader in quality improvement solutions for interventional radiology, announced today that direct data submission from HI-IQ to the Interventional Radiology (IR) Registry has been successfully achieved by the first of its users. The IR Registry, a joint ...

IR Quarterly 1-23-17 Dr. Schacht

Jan 17, 2017
At Indiana University, HI-IQ facilitates management of all aspects of our large training program.  Our residents and fellows rotate through seven hospitals including an academic university research center, a comprehensive tertiary-care pediatric hospital, and two adult level 1 designation tr...

HI-IQ Highlights the Critical Role Played by an Interventional Radiology Information System

Apr 2, 2016
VANCOUVER – (April 2, 2016) – Today, at the Society of Interventional Radiology Annual Scientific Meeting, HI-IQ launches an exhibit demonstrating how its best-of-breed system, designed for and by interventional radiologists, is a critical component in the hospital information systems ecosystem. ...

Emerging Technologies: HI-IQ and PowerScribe 360 Align to Provide an Integrated Workflow to support Quality Improvement

Jan 19, 2016
 HI-IQ and Nuance have worked together to save interventional radiologists time and effort capturing, communicating and analyzing critical procedural and results data.  New capabilities will pre-populate reports and complete encounters using a bi-directional HI-IQ – PowerScribe ...

HI-IQ Releases New Interventional Radiology Information System – HI-IQ IRIS

Mar 1, 2015
ATLANTA – (March 1, 2015) – HI-IQ®, the leader in workflow solutions for interventional radiology departments, today announced the release of HI-IQ IRIS, a more modern, integrated and user friendly version of its HI-IQ software platform. HI-IQ IRIS introduces productivity-enhancing features such ...

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