Tracking & Communication

Tracking & Communication

Workflow Management = Department Efficiency.

Delayed case start times and excessive staff overtime are just a few examples of inefficient workflows’ impact on the IR department. HI-IQ’s intuitive software provides an incredible tool to help improve communications, reduce delays, identify bottlenecks and improve overall workflow efficiency. Instantly view a patient’s progress from the time they enter the department through their time in recovery while measuring the utilization of rooms and resources.

HI-IQ utilizes key Insights to analyze workflow management:

Patient Progress:

By using RealTime updates, a patient’s progress is immediately communicated via color changes to all HI-IQ users, allowing for optimized scheduling of patients and resources.


“Drag and drop” technology allows for last-minute changes to a patient procedure, enabling the department to make more efficient use of room time and resources.

Turnaround Time:

Calculate “room empty” time, turnaround time, and overall room utilization by tracking patient events throughout their procedure and help justify the need for additional resources.

Communicate Patient Status:

With patient status and procedure progress updates happening in real-time, phone calls are virtually eliminated, enhancing the efficiency of workflows within the department.

Procedure and Delay Times:

Estimate average times for each procedure based on documented patient events and analyze departmental delays, eliminating bottlenecks and resulting in more efficient use of time in each room.

Room Utilization:

HI-IQ provides comprehensive data on room utilization by tracking events as they happen. Concrete statistics will help you predict case volume, schedule resources, create growth plans and substantiate additional resources.

HI-IQ Room View

Clinical Event Analysis

Clinical Events Documented

On-time Encounters

Room Utilization

“Patient flow is the most important aspect of the interventional lab. HI-IQ has done a great job of creating a communication tool that helps us manage our day. Instead of the confusion of phone calls back and forth, with everyone trying to find out where patients are, the flow of the day is visualized on the schedule.

HI-IQ takes into account more than just the cost of equipment used in a procedure; it helps identify where time losses are occurring and we use that information to improve the flow of patients and be accountable for the cost of staff resources.”

Rick Dahl RT (R) RPA
Interventional Radiology Coordinator
North Shore Medical Center

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